Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Thinking in the Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Thinking in the Workplace - Essay Example being in school bring him his own set of challenges- stress, so much work to do, running out of time, procrastination and not enough rest leading to tiredness. If he is confronted with the same set of challenges everyday, the effects could interfere with his normal functions as an individual and even be detrimental to his physical and mental health. Hence, it is important for him to take action and start to make use of an appropriate time management program that he can stick to. There have been countless time management tips for people who apparently cannot follow a regular plan to better manage their schedule and have time to finish workload and still have rest. The following is a simple five-step plan, especially devised for students like Chris. 1) Make a â€Å"To do† list. Before planning out a particular schedule, determine and list down the things that you want to achieve and when they need to be done. This could be on a daily or a weekly basis and should be detailed. 2) Prioritize. After listing your goals or tasks, arrange them according to the urgency or importance. Tips-for-Boomers suggests these specific categories a) Urgent b) Important but not urgent c) Neither important nor urgent. 3) Schedule. After having prioritized the tasks, it is now time to decide when to do the job individually. It is advisable that he set or reserve a specific time frame for doing the necessary tasks, and another time frame for his leisure and recreation. 4) Reinforce and Maintain. Some time management plans do not work because they are not maintained or are hard to sustain. To help Chris in making his time management plan last, he should develop ways to reinforce his actions. One suggested way is the use of the reward system. After a few observations it is found out that Chris prefers to look at maps over verbal directions to a place. He also likes to look at pictures or paintings, and movies and is more likely to retain information presented visually. It is therefore

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