Friday, October 18, 2019

Health Disparities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health Disparities - Assignment Example There is a detail, analysis in the paper of the solution to the disparity and the people involved. The plan, implementation, track of the plan and assessment of the project is discussed in detail. The research paper then gives a conclusion on a wider scope of the whole country should the disparity go viral in the whole country. Atmore Community Hospital is well equipped with proper functioning structures and departments in Atmore (Baptist Health Care). However, the rate of increase in population and obesity in the community has presented a problem of lack of access to the hospital. Obesity is increasing in the community and most of the affected citizens cannot walk. The region is 8.4 square miles; this vast distance makes it difficult to patients to access services of the hospital quickly. The current development warrants this disparity to be eliminated with a possible solution. The lack of access to much needed health care services has made this fact a disparity that needs immediate attention and possible solutions. Atmore lies on an area of 22 km2, and the region has a high density of people totaling 922.5 people per square mile according to the last census p 2000. The population is growing daily, and most people have difficulties in accessing hospitals due to distance. The cost of treatment is expensive, and most people are unable to afford it, and wide area making it impossible to serve all people. The possible solutions include the introduction of mobile clinics to cater for the vast wide region. Implementation of affordable health care incentives, to accommodate the aged and the poor health care (Ungar). The incentive that includes controlling premiums of health insurance to affordable levels. The proposed solutions can only be achieved if they receive maximum cooperation from the leadership of Alabama State both financially and deliberation of laws. The leadership is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the medical department has enough

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