Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Article Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 16

Review - Article Example For instance, a drug called D-KLAKLAK-2, is known for destroying cancer cells. But it is also effective against Gram-negative a bacterium that fights against anti-biotic. Now scientists have devised a way to fuse this drug with naturally occurring toxins called AMPs. These are like the chemical weapons which bacteria themselves have developed overtime. So here comes the art of war; this AMP is combined with D-KLAKLAK and given to the patient. Now bacteria gets ‘confused’ and can’t predict or see a pattern in the drug that is in the body to kill it. It delivers a knockout punch and dies. In my view this is a brilliant scheme. It is wonderful to know that such innovation is possible in medicine. From research, it is proven that bacteria, over time, can develop highly immune system that can resist a drug that it is fighting. The more drug a patient takes, the more resistive bacteria becomes. To resolve this issue, scientists have developed a method to kill the bacteria by ‘distracting’ it. The drug is combined with naturally occurring toxins so the bacteria unable to ‘read’ the moves of the drug and gets effectively knocked out. In my opinion such innovative methods are must in any field. It is very common to observe that when a patient goes to a doctor and complains about some bacterial infection, usually the bacteria gets stronger, as if it has a mind of its own and practices fighting the drug, and gets stronger in the process. One thing that crossed my mind while reading the article was its effectiveness in proven tests and experiments. How successful has it been on humans/animals so far? This is the question I would like to be answered. The article doesn’t mention anything on this issue. Having said that, I still think that this method is very innovative, it seems theoretically sound. If there is a survey in which civilian opinion is required regarding approval or disapproval of this drug, I

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