Thursday, July 25, 2019

Socially Responsible Investing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10500 words

Socially Responsible Investing - Coursework Example As the report stresses  the subsequent results revealed that the SRI has not been able to outperform the conventional investment funds rather have clearly underperformed. However, the SRI has been able to experience higher growth rate in the United States of America and Europe and other parts of the world. Overall, this performance reflects that the SRI funds and SRI indices have experienced a reasonable growth over the period of last 13 years and there has been a steady and stable upward growth in the SRI, reflecting that more and more investment is being done in the SRI.According to the paper findings  the conventional investment has considerably violated the ethical and moral standards. In the conventional investment, the firms do not take into account the interests and expectations of society instead they prefer to serve their commercial objectives at the cost of society.  This paper is consisted of five parts: introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis and discussion and conclusion and recommendation chapter. In the introduction chapter, some background information about the SRI has been provided in which the historical development of the SRI has been provided. In addition, in this chapter, research aim, questions, objectives and limitations have also been included.  Subsequently, in the literature review chapter, a comprehensive critical evaluation of the SRI has been provided in which history and definition of the SRI have been detailed and discussed as well.

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