Thursday, November 21, 2019

Discipline Profile on Real estate sales Research Paper

Discipline Profile on Real estate sales - Research Paper Example 6). In house language consists of jargons mostly drawn from business and law and at times the construction industry. For example, words such as a balloon mortgage might not mean much to an ordinary person but in a realtor’s office, it makes all sense. This reason creates a difference in the language used in academics and professional practise of a real estate agent. In school and other educational facilities, real estate students learn and diversify both the professional terms and learn people skills and language (â€Å"Become a REALTOR ®Ã¢â‚¬  par. 2). The sole reason for this is that these students usually do not end up all in the same field. Some do research into real estate field while others become advisors to firms, and only a number become real estate sales agents (â€Å"NAR: About NAR: Careers in Real Estate† par. 10). These sales agents are professionals in their respect. In addition, their professional field experience usually involves both the knowledge o f professional terms and language and how to interact with clients. These agents need to have all the information about setting prices and negotiating to achieve great deals. Negotiation as a feature of language involves the compromise of position, the art of conviction, and the instrument of language that enables one to achieve consensus even in hostile conditions (Lipman 145). This language focuses on establishing and building relationships with clients and knowing their likes and interests in a property. This technique combines words with actions and splits language into verbal and non-verbal. The non-verbal language creates a sense of hospitality and openness. It makes the client trust the agent and in doing this the agent can get to know how to best deal with this customer (â€Å"NAR: About NAR: Careers in Real Estate† par. 2). Therefore, in general, language used in real estate sales primarily borrows from

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