Sunday, November 24, 2019

Un dia asul essays

Un dia asul essays Computers have been around for a long time. They have evolved thrugh the years, but two major companies are at the top of the hill. These two computers companies are Macs and Pcs ,but eventhough both of them are personal and businnes computers, they differ in hardware, software, and compability. Mac computers were the first ones to come out to the market. Their hardware is still compact like the first one 20 years ago; their monitor is ensamble together with the CPU, making the computers one big box. Their softwares and programs are too complicated for the average person; it is need it to type keyboards comands for the computer to work. To top it all of, the Macs are not compatible with almost any of the products that are sell in stores, or neither with on-line downloads. On the other hand, PCs came out a couple of years after Macs. As soon as people started to try them, they got very popular. Their hardware comes ceparlly, and one can chosse between any CPU or monitor that one want. PC's softwares are so eassy that even a 6 years old child can learn to use it. Not like Macs, PCs can use any of the programs that are in stores. PCs are very compatible with others equipments, and with any online programs. I personally like PCs more that Macs; I love the way PCs are structure in their programs. If PCs make life eassier, Macs will make it more complicated. One good example of this can be found in any office. Because Macs are more complicated, any work that people save or do, can be easily lose. To conclude, I can say that eventhough Macs and PCs are personal and businnes computers, they differ in hardware, software, and compability. To solve this problem both computers companies should work together, and maybe that way their softwares,hardwares, and compability would be the same. ...

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