Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Corrosion testing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Corrosion testing - Essay Example This implies this solution produces a corrosive atmosphere in the chamber. The accepted standard of testing chambers according to the international standards on salt sprays test (ISSST) is four hundred liters. Alternatively, some other solutions can also be applicable when testing corrosion. The test that applies 5% NaCl is the neutral salt spray whereby other solutions appropriate for this chamber include acetic acid. With the use of this solution, the name of the method of testing is acetic salt spray. The other solution that can apply in this case is acetic acid mixed with of copper chloride, which is one of the known corrosion tester is the Q-FOG cyclic corrosion testers. Designs of these instruments vary according to their capability of chambers. They also vary based on the various environments to which they have to operate. Figure 1: An example of a Q-FOQ cyclic corrosion tester. Results or testing of this machine is similar to those of an outdoor testing, which most of the sal t spray testers have failed to deliver. The purpose and application of the corrosion testing equipment The desire to maintain use and existence of different machines is a concern for numerous engineering industries. They attempt to prefer using their materials not only in an efficient way but also to ensure long-term usage of their products. This field uses various metallic instruments that are either ferrous or non-ferrous. What stands in the use of these metallic instruments is the fact that they are subject to attack by varied weather conditions. These conditions include humidity, basic solutions, gasses, and acids. The main purpose of these elements is to initiate the effect of corrosion on metallic materials. Therefore, producers of these metallic materials find it necessary to choose an ascertained coating material for the different elements. The quality control that applies during production of various metallic instruments is also essential in the present era. This calls for corrosion testing instruments that apply in the global field. This is because they help in identifying the corrosion element that exists for a metal, which is essential in providing users with longevity of their respective metallic materials. Various tests performed by the corrosion testers Many tests can apply in investigating corrosion in different metals. These tests vary depending on the variables involved, for instance, weather conditions and machine’s specifications. The humidity test is one of the common tests in the field of corrosion. In the corrosion testers, this takes place in the humidity cabinets that are airtight and moisture proof (Prateepasen & Jirarungsatian E11). The chamber also has an average temperature of 100 degrees. The purpose of this test is to determine whether the oxidative attack has begun on a given metal. In this case, the person taking the test searches for any appearance of a blister with the intention of knowing whether an attack has already began on a given metal. Another category of corrosion testing is the salt spray tests. In this case, the sizes of chambers may have standards according to given specifications. Chambers in this case have large sizes as compared to those used when taking humidity tests. The other tests include immersion tests, impact tests, outdoor exposure tests besides others. The tests mainly focus on eliminating effects of

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