Thursday, September 26, 2019

Health final project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Health final project - Research Paper Example The hazards of obesity can lead to several problems that affect your health, including diabetes heart disease, sleep apnea, cancer, high blood pressure and gerd. The danger with these diseases is dependent on how long you have been obese, what other health conditions you may have as well as connections with your overall health. If you want to ensure that you remain healthy, then fighting obesity can help you to overcome further health complications. The epidemic is one which is now by different types of obesity. The diagnosis is based on how much body fat an individual carries, compared to the percentage of muscle in the body. If this goes over recommended levels by a certain amount, then you also fall into a specific type of obesity. You can measure your obesity level through the following chart. If you are overweight or obese, you can easily find a cure to prevent future problems and diseases. By beginning to fight obesity, you will be able to enjoy life, prevent health problems and can take yourself out of the statistics of obesity. While the percentages are high for those that are fighting obesity, the epidemic can be overcome. The first step is to understand obesity and the several factors which cause the problem by following the following checklist: If you want to know more about how to overcome obesity, then you want to start by not being alone. The rise in the epidemic has led to several support centers that are willing to help you understand more about obesity as well as how to overcome this problem. You can begin by visiting the OAC, or the Obesity Action Coalition. This website can help you to understand the complexities of obesity, as well as how to overcome the problem. By working with others who understand obesity, you can easily begin to overcome obesity while moving into a healthy lifestyle. To start overcoming obesity, you can look at

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