Thursday, September 26, 2019

Global Supply Chain Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Global Supply Chain Management - Essay Example Secondly, a high demand for quality and safe products become a challenge to a majority of Supply chains. Normally, the first obstacle and a lack of understanding on how to reduce the costs cause this. Management of supplier relationship could prove imperative in overcoming this challenge. Additionally, outsourcing, regular maintenance of machines as well as forecasting and preparing for customer’s ever-dynamic needs could be helpful. Thirdly, inadequate knowledge of the need to have a supply chain resiliency plan has been identified as the major hurdle for many. Three important relations in this third option include the supplier-customer, top management-supplier, and top management-customer relationships. This paper has extensively handled this topic, and hopefully, it will offer the much-needed solution. Supply chains play a critical role in ensuring that the services needed are delivered to their respective clients. On the other hand, the clients trust this industry to deliv er products and services, which are reliable, safe, and ones that meet the precise need they have. However, the recent horsemeat scandal involving Tesco has cast a shadow of doubt on the supply chains. A debate has since risen on the need to change the way supply chains do business with some calling for transparency on this industry’s operations. While it is easy to criticize an industry whenever a scandal especially one that has to do with health concerns, this paper’s takes a different approach. With an aim to provide a solution to a vital industry whose services are needed, this paper seeks to highlight at least three obstacles the Supply chain has to overcome. To achieve this goal, this paper uses the UK automobile manufacturers, Jaguar as a case study originally named ‘Swallow Sidecar Company’, Jaguar Landrover is UK multinational company headquartered in Whitley.

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