Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Will be provide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Will be provide - Essay Example creased from 3 to 3% and following system stabilization the flow set point percentage was found to remain constant but the position of the flow valve had closed slightly from 30.1 to 47.5%. Additionally, the level valve had closed from 32.7 to 25.6%. The results were recorded. The level of the tank and the capacity section was ascertained with the help of a meter stick attached to the tank and the reading was compared to that of a controller. The compared levels ((%) vs. level) was plotted in meters and from the figure the line of best fit as determined by the transmitter gain was found to be1.206 %/cm. The next part of the experiment involved comparison of readings taken from four different flow measuring devices to a standard change in volume over time. While the flow rates of the rotameter and transmitter were read in USGPM, those of the controller and console were taken as percent rates. With gradual increase in the height over time the changes noted in the height was used for volume calculation. Appendix 2 includes the flow rates and after conversion of the actual flow rates to USGPM, a comparison between all the actual, rotameter and transmitter flow rates indicated a mutual agreement in the rates. The flow rates of the console and controller were closer as they used the same controller. The characteristics of the valve were determined for the flow and level value by increasing the flow percentage and taking the valve position values from the display controller. A plot of the Fractional Flow (Flow %/Max Flow %) vs. fractional valve opening which is indicative of the flow and level valve can be used to determine valve characteristics such as to quick-opening, linear, or equal-percentage relationships. In this case, a plot of both valves showed an almost linear valve character except for a slight distortion in the quick opening which can be attributed to drop in pressure across the value. While the valves had identical and linear characters originally,

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