Monday, September 23, 2019

Personal Values Development Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Personal Values Development Paper - Essay Example Values may differ between individuals and values emerge because we are not satisfied with something at some point in life. Values affect decisions and actions in our life. It is important to understand them and ensure that our behavior is in line with the values that we have. The first institution that we inculcate value from is the family. I grew up in a big family including grandparents and this instilled in me the importance of a family in the development of an individual. I learnt to value human beings above things; I learnt to value relationships above everything else. Values have immense power to energize everything concerned with it (Gurunet, n.d.) and applying values releases fresh energies. Through a family we learn to share the joys and sorrows; we learn what it means to have someone by your side. Family value to me is way above the conservative ideology where religion is the source of morality and nuclear family is the essential (Wikipedia). It is even above the liberals’ view of affordable child care and family planning. To me a family is the first priority and the family teaches us the value of sacrifice, the importance of sharing, the joy of receiving and the pleasure in giving. A family teaches us to live in harmony – harmony not just with others but harmony within our own self. We learn to live in peace with our self. The human mind is a bundle of thoughts and emotions and constantly reeling under an agony of indecision. The family teaches us to live in harmony with our own self. We learn to respect each other; we understand that even a small child of 3-4 years needs to be respected and should be respected. As I grew up and went to school, I interacted with children from different walks of life and strata of society. I realized people do not always say what they mean. They often want to hide something, or many times to save themselves or others. I contemplated and realized that if one has to lie in order to save

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